From the Pastor’s Desk: Sunday 16th July 2017 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Welcome, everyone.

Our readings from Scripture this Sunday are very appropriate to this time of year. At the moment, many people are away on holidays or eagerly looking forward to their annual break. These few days away from the normal routine are vital as a means of refreshing ourselves after the exploits of the past twelve months, and are also a way of coming back to our work reinvigorated and with a new creativity. If we didn’t take the break, we would be running on empty.

Now if that is how it goes for our working, everyday lives, how much more does it apply to our spiritual lives? The annual retreat is an important time away for priests and religious. It is a chance to refresh ourselves in the presence of the Lord, so that we are better prepared to carry out His work. The need to retreat and refresh our spiritual lives is not unique to religious and priests, however, but to all the baptised.

Unless we spend some time with the Lord, we will be like the seed that fell among the thin soil described in today’s Gospel: “but as soon as the sun came up they were scorched and, not having any roots, they withered away”. How do we refresh ourselves spiritually? Well, you can do no better than to read and reflect on the Scriptures. There are many websites available for this, but two very good Irish sites are and

The seed of faith planted in our lives on the day of our Baptism requires nourishment and attention. As we tend to our need for rest and relaxation this summer, let us not forget our need to be spiritually refreshed as well.

Fr Eoin

P.S. It was announced last weekend in Skerries parish that Fr Richard Hyland PP and Fr Paul Glennon CC are both to begin new assignments from the Archbishop this coming September. Fr Richard has come to the end of his nine-year appointment in Skerries and now moves to Finglas East Parish, while Fr Paul was ordained two years ago and is now being released to work full-time with the Neocatechumenal Way movement. We wish them both the very best in their new missions.