Pastor’s Desk

Sunday 08th December 2019

Another Christmas: Advent is waiting for the birth of Jesus, but it’s a strange waiting; we are waiting each year for Someone we know is here! We recall in Advent that the Lord Jesus has come among us, is present all the time and will come again in glory. Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are four words that we hear during this time of year, but what do they mean for us? How could we embrace these four words over the next four weeks? Could we take a word a week and see where it leads us?

Hope: Where do I see hope in the world? Where can I spread hope in the world? And how can we be truly hopeful in the midst of a busy, chaotic, fallen world?

Peace: Where is there peace in the world? Where can I show peace in my home? How can I be more peaceful?

Joy: I have the ability to bring joy and be joyful. Where and when will I use this superpower?

Love: God is Love, I am loved by God, I can love others; so where do I need to show love more? Advent is a time of preparation and challenge—not just a retail challenge but a challenge to find hope, peace, joy and love in our own lives and to share them with others.