Pastor’s Desk

Sunday 19th January 2020

In today’s reading, John the Baptist sees Jesus approaching and cries out, giving witness about who Jesus is. John says that he saw the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus and by this sign he knew that Jesus was the one who was to come after him.

John the Baptist uses two titles for Jesus that are familiar to us, calling Him the ‘Lamb of God’ and the ‘Son of God’. He thus identifies Jesus’ ultimate purpose: to redeem sinful humanity.

John the Baptist’s testimony about Jesus clearly distinguishes his own baptism from the baptism that Jesus will inaugurate. John baptises with water; Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit. John also puts his practice of baptism in the context of Jesus’ ministry. The purpose of John’s baptism was to make Jesus known to Israel.

Having reflected on our own baptismal calling last week, we see this week that each of us has a calling from God to be His witness to others. As a parish community we all need to play our part in building up the Kingdom of God. We do this by using the talents that God has given us for the benefit of the community.