Pastor’s Desk

Sunday 18th February 2018

First Sunday of Lent

The Gospel today tells us how the season of Lent came about.

Jesus, after His baptism in the River Jordan, goes immediately into the desert or wilderness. He stays there for 40 days and nights and uses this time alone to reflect on His mission and prepare for preaching the Good News of God’s love. While alone, Jesus suffers temptation at the hands of Satan and His faith in God is ridiculed. After this period of testing, Jesus begins His mission of calling people back to a relationship with God.

Our season of Lent is about pausing and reflecting on our living out of our Faith. There is no doubt that being a person of Faith is very difficult today. There are plenty of people ready to mock our belief in God, and sometimes the bombardment can get to us so that we begin to have doubts ourselves. Academics and scientists get plenty of time on TV and radio to undermine what are our core beliefs and to suggest that believers are really very gullible people indeed. Do we have an answer for them? Have we put a bit of thought into why we believe? Why not use this Lent to reflect on that?

Fr Eoin

Fasting for Peace PS
: Pope Francis has asked that all Catholics would make Friday 23rd February, the first Friday of Lent, a special day of fasting for peace in the world.