Couples to do List For Marriage


1) Register your intention to marry with the state
2) Source your Baptismal and Confirmation certificates; Must be recently issued within 6 months of the Wedding
3) Book and attend a pre-marriage course
4) Attend Sunday mass in parish


Five Meetings between Fr. Eoin McCrystal and engaged couple..


Explanation of procedures for getting married in St MacCullins
Getting to know one another
Family background
Special needs or circumstances

Pre Nuptial Enquiry
Establish your freedom to marry, your mature understanding of marriage and records your journey in faith from Baptism, Confirmation, to the Wedding.

Preparing the Cermony
It is possible to celebrate the Nuptial Rite, either with or without a mass. There are many choices to be made regarding texts, preparation of the Liturgical space, music and the homily.

In the Liturgical space to become familiar with the movement and progress of the Wedding Liturgy.

The Wedding Day
A prayerful saved moment when your consent is exchanged in the presence of your family and friends. God’s blessing on the sacrament…