Getting Married in the Parish of St. MacCullin

Congratulations on your engagement.  The faith community of the parish rejoice with yourselves and your families as you prepare for sacramental marriage. We all wish you well.  Please note it is necessary to give notice to the Church and to the State of your intention to marry. 

The State requires a couple to give a minimum of three months notice to the Registrar of Marriages, Joyce House, Lombard Street, Dublin 2 (Ph: 01 – 6711863). 
Once the church is booked, this notification should be sought.To book your wedding in St. MacCullin’s parish you should:Contact the parish office to check available datesComplete a Wedding booking form and return to the parish office along with the booking feeRead the attached documents to familiarise yourselves with the requirements for preparing for your wedding:

Requirements for Marriage, Couples to do list for Marriage 

  1. It is necessary to give notice to the Church and to the State of your intention to marry three months in advance of your intended wedding. Please contact the parish at least 6 months in advance of the day and write to the Registrar of Marriages in Joyce House.
  2. All couples are required to complete a Marriage Preparation Course. ACCORD is the main provider of these courses and can be contacted on or 01-4780866. The course helps each couple discuss the complexity of marriage in areas such as Communication, Conflict, Children, Commitment and Church. At the course couples share with each other, and are not asked to share with the whole group. The presenters are trained facilitators who are happy to share from their experience of living married life today. You will enjoy the day together.
  3. Each person intending to get married needs to meet with the priest of the parish where they live to prepare a Pre Nuptial Enquiry. This pastoral meeting ensures that the individual has received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, that they are free to marry and that understanding marriage they are giving their consent freely. To prepare for this meeting please get a Baptismal and Confirmation certificate issued within 6 months of the wedding date. Then phone your priest to make an appointment, These meetings take up to 45 mins. per person.
  4. The preparation of the ceremony itself is also very important. Your wedding can be celebrated either within a Nuptial Mass or just with the Nuptial Rite itself. Regular attendance at Sunday Mass is an important part of your preparation, especially if you have not been very regular in your practice. The celebration on the day will be helped greatly if the bride and groom are familiar with the prayers and ritual of the ordinary Mass, and comfortable in Church. The website has an excellent resource for preparing a booklet. You will arrange to meet with the celebrant to prepare the ceremony. Music is an important part of the day and the hymns you choose for the wedding celebration will be a great help to celebration.
  5. You will probably want to schedule a practice for the ceremony a couple of days before the wedding itself. Please accept that the celebrant may not always be free to attend the reception after the celebration.

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