Pastor’s Desk 09th May 2021


In family life, we have many opportunities to show love in action. Each time we postpone a task to tend to the needs of another, we show ourselves to be on the path to following the example of love shown to us by Jesus. Sometimes the sacrifices we are called on to make for others are small, but these small choices to love and to serve others prepare us for the larger choices and sacrifices that we may be called upon to make. If we are people who have practised showing our love for others with generosity, we will also be people who are willing to lay down our lives for those we love.
Jesus’s example and teachings show us at least five ways we can love more like Him.
To love like Jesus, we must:
* Be approachable.
* Be full of grace.
* Be bold.
* Be self-giving.
* Be mindful.
We need to connect more deeply with the people in our lives, rather than living a detached, disconnected existence.
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