Pastor’s Desk 17th January 2021

In today’s Gospel,Jesus is referred to by three key titles: Lamb of God, Rabbi (teacher) and Messiah (the Christ).

Although His titles bespeak His greatness, Jesus’s behaviour in this first encounter with John and Andrew shows His simplicity and humility. When John and Andrew follow Him, He turns around to welcome them. He makes no demands and gives no orders. Rather, He engages them in conversation and invites them to come and spend time with Him. This is how Jesus calls us too: gently, unexpectedly, personally.

Jesus asks His future Apostles a simple question: ‘What do you want?’, meaning ‘What do you seek? What are you hoping for?’Jesus asks this question of each one of us also. He already knows the deepest desires of every heart, but many people never take the time to reflect on their own deepest desires. Unless we take time to examine ourselves and our lives, we can easily end up looking for meaning and happiness in the wrong places.

The next day, Andrew brings his brother, Simon Peter, to meet Jesus. When was the last time we invited someone to come and meet Jesus? Why don’t we invite people more often?

Jesus, the Lamb of God, came to save us from our sins, to rescue us from our own ignorance, weakness and confusion. He is the Christ Who comes to establish the sovereignty of God in every human heart. We need to sit at the feet of our Teacher and listen to Him, to become true disciples of the One Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.