Pastor’s Desk 11th July 2021

Imagine that you have been invited to join the twelve apostles. You are excited about being sent out to speak of the kingdom of God. You expect to learn the master strategy from Jesus. Instead, you are told to travel light: no show, no dependence on a bank account, no big car. You are to depend on one thing only: the power and grace of God! Then amazing things can happen.

Jesus calls the apostles and sends them on a mission to announce the message of repentance, to cure the sick and to cast out demons. Notice how He sends them out in pairs, instructing them to trust in Providence by taking nothing for their journey. They were to depend entirely on God and on the presence of God in one another. Their goal was to go from house to house bringing the Good News.

Lord, I pray that, strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit, I may radiate the light of Your love to those I encounter in my daily life. Help me to have a deeper understanding of the needs of others and give me the courage to witness to the joy of my faith.

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