Pastor’s Desk 21st February 2021

Last Wednesday we began the season of Lent, which will continue for five weeks until Holy Week. Lent does not have quite the impact that it used to have. Yet it is worth reminding ourselves as Lent begins that we have set out on a journey which will end at the Easter Triduum, those three great days from Holy Thursday to the Easter Vigil.
The Gospel reading for the first Sunday of Lent is always the account of the temptation of Jesus, which this year comes from St Mark’s Gospel.
One way of understanding Lent is to see it as a time when we try to open ourselves to the many ways in which God may be trying to touch our lives. We often think of Lent as a time when we try to give up things. There can be a real value in that. However, more fundamentally and more positively we might think of Lent as a time when we give into the Lord, Who is always present to us and calling out to us. Although the Lord is present to us, we are not always present to Him. Although the reign of God is at hand, we don’t always entrust ourselves to that good news. As we awaken spiritually,  as we give in to the Lord, as we become more aware of the Lord Who is around us, above us, below us, at our right hand and at our left hand, then we may experience a new desire to give up whatever is not serving our relationship with Him. We enter this season of Lent not just as individuals but as a community of faith. It is as a community that we are called to turn more fully towards the Lord and to walk together in His company towards Holy Week.
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