Morning Mass:

Monday–Friday 9.15am

Wednesday 22 December: Penitential Service 7.30pm (via webcam)

Christmas Eve (Friday)

Mass at 9:15am (not ticket required)

Mass at 4pm (ticket only)

Mass at 6pm (ticket only)

Mass at 8pm (ticket only)

Christmas Day (Saturday)

Mass at 8.30am (ticket only)

Mass at 10.00am (ticket only)

Mass at 11.30am (ticket only)

Sunday 26 December —Holy Family

Mass at 8.30am

Mass at 10.00am

Mass at 11.30am

Monday 27th–Saturday1st:

Mass at 10am

Wishing you and all your families a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year.

From: The Pastoral Council, Fr John and Fr George.