Parish Calendar of Services, Mass Intentions and Feast Days 26/06/22 to 03/07/22

Saturday 25th The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7:30pm Mass Mercaa Balauca (1st anniv.)

Sunday 26th Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

08:30am Mass Jim O’Leary (recently deceased)

10:00am Mass Chrissie Boylan (Month’s Mind), Paddy & Mary Boylan, Abundio Puerto, Corazón Rodrigue

11:30am Mass Peter Whearity (birthday rem.), Patrick Green, Anna O’Brien, Lorna Butler (recently deceased)

Monday 27th St Cyrilof Alexandria(d. 444), bishop, Doctorof the Church

9:15am Mass Mary McGee

Tuesday 28th St Irenaeus (d. 203), bishop, martyr

9:15am Mass Kevin Hand

Wednesday 29th Solemnity of SS Peterand Paul, Apostles

9:15am Mass Jim Turner (birthday rem.)

Thursday 30th First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church (d. 64)

9:15am Mass

Friday 1st First Friday; St Oliver Plunket(d. 1681), bishop, martyr

9:15am Mass Altar List of the Dead

Saturday 2nd First Saturday

9:15am Mass Kevin McNally (birthday rem.)

Readings for Sunday 3 July Isaiah 66:10-14c Galatians 6:14–18 Luke 10:1–12, 17–20

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