Update for November 28th TO December 06th 2020

Saturday 28th St James of the March of Ancona, Italy (d. 1476), Franciscan priest

7:30pm Mass Those who have died since this time last year

Sunday 29th First Sunday of Advent

10:00am Mass John McGuane, Mary Bradshaw, Brenda McGee-Sharpe (Canada) (recently deceased)

11:30am Mass Philip & Mary Christie & baby Theresa, Thomas & Mary Weldon, John & Catherine Daly, Moss & Ceppie Weldon, Niall & Lily Weldon, Moira & Pat Stewart

Monday 30th St Andrew (d. 63), Apostle, martyr, patron of fishermen, Russia and Scotland

9:15am Mass Owen O’Hara

Tuesday 1st St Edmund Campion (d. 1581), Martyr

9:15am Mass Alice Smith

Wednesday 2nd Bl. John of Rysbroeck (d. 1381), Belgian Mystic and Contemplative

9:15am Mass Michael Smith

Thursday 3rd St Francis Xavier (d. 1552), Patron of the Foreign Missions

9:15am Mass Crissie O’Donovan

Friday 4th First Friday; St John Damascene (d. 749), Doctor of the Church

9:15am Mass Altar List of the Dead

Saturday 5th First Saturday; St Gerald (d. 1109), Bishop of Braga

9:15am Mass

Readings for Sunday 6 December 2020

Isaiah 40: 1–5, 9– 11. 2 Peter 3: 8– 14. Mark 1: 1–8h St Catherine of Alexandria(d. 307), martyr; St Colman of Cloyne (d. 604)